Serving the most vulnerable through a Christ-centred lens

Joshua Valley

It was at Tyndale that God created in me a passion and purpose to follow Jesus and the Way of the Cross.” Joshua Valley

Joshua Valley (MDiv 2015) began to discover God’s calling midway through his degree at Tyndale.

As a chaplain and writer, he says that embracing the historic Christian faith with openness to balancing life's complexities has helped him serve from the perspective of the Cross, instead of being driven by modern religious culture wars.

“At Tyndale I was introduced to the paradox of the Cross – that God's power and love are greatest in Christ's weakness on the Cross – and the importance of perceiving Scripture and reality through a Christ-centred lens,” Joshua says.

“I discovered that God is not afraid to enter the reality of human existence, no matter what the cost or how dark the wastelands of our fallen world. At Tyndale, it became apparent to me that God was calling me to go into the world as a representative of the cruciform Christ caring for the forgotten, neglected, oppressed and weak.”

Joshua is now back in his hometown of Thunder Bay, serving in the field of youth justice and caring for patients with acute health-care complications.

“The residents I care for have been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown,” Joshua says.

“I am thankful to have the opportunity to make a difference during the pandemic, serving the most vulnerable during this time of existential angst.I never dreamed of being a chaplain in such a critical practice environment. I hope my passion for writing and teaching will lead me to become a professor and scholar – maybe even at Tyndale. After all, it was at Tyndale thatGod created in me a passion and purpose to follow Jesus and the Way of the Cross.”