The Important Work Continues

In this Annual Impact Report, we pause to reflect on all that has happened over the past year. Over the past months, our lives have been consumed by a new way of living. Appropriately so. It is important to remember all that God continues to do in our midst and to celebrate what He has done over the past year.

It feels like a distant memory. In December, we concluded our celebration of 125 years of God’s work in the lives of students at Tyndale. After an extensive external review, in January 2020, the Province of Ontario granted authorization to call ourselves Tyndale University. It was an affirmation that the kind of education Tyndale provides – unapologetically Christian in focus and oriented toward educating the whole person – is delivered with excellence and meets or exceeds the Ministry of Colleges & University standards. The new name creates opportunities for graduates and opens the door for new program development.

There have been leadership changes with the search for a new President concluding with the announcement that Dr. Marjory Kerr would be joining us this summer. The Office of the Provost, the Chief Academic Officer, was created, and Dr. Beth Green was appointed. Other leadership changes were announced. A summary is provided in this publication.

Tyndale is a special place. Alumni work and serve on every continent and in numerous professions, organizations and agencies, educational institutions, businesses, churches and ministries. The work of Tyndale continues. It looks different in the current context; that is where Tyndale shines. Through its various names and locations, for over 125 years, it has always sought to prepare students to meaningfully engage the critical issues of the day.

Thank you for walking with Tyndale students. Your support through gifts and prayer enable this bold mission of preparing this generation of students to make a difference.


Kevin Kirk
Sr. Vice President, External Relations
President, The Tyndale Foundation